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Stages of a success concept

1970 Foundation of the company

Initially founded as an ancillary comany for high-precision turned parts with a diameter of up to 2000 mm, mainly for the manufacturing of knitting machines.

This was followed by a systematic development of the company and a continuous extension of the manufacturing program to nearly all branches of mechanical engineering and plant engineering and construction.

1986 Construction of the new plant and extension of the production facilities

By means of a consistent development of our machinery we extended our range of products to turning parts with a diamter of up to 3500 mm.

1988 Introduction of  CNC technology

Using  vertical turning mills with driven rotating tools we effectively develop and optimise our production capacity and our range of products.

1991 Bringing into service of the first vertical boring mill

Completion of our range of products by bringing into service the universal boring and milling machine of San Rocco spa/Milan with a special patented spindle head, which combines ultimate precision and universal adaptability for the construction of demanding orders.

1997 Rounding off the productivity by the introduction of machining centres

DurchBy means of introducing machining centres, partly with automatic pallet changer, we are able to work in batch production.


2001 Extension of production area and construction of office building

The production area was extended to 2400 sq. m., the maximum crane load was increased to 45 tons and the new TOS-boring mill table type with rotary plate was brought into services.

2002 Purchase of new vertical turning mill

Having purchase an additional vertical turning mill we are now able to turn parts with a diameter of up to 4200 mm CNC-controlled.

2006 Extension of production area (Hall 3)

Extension of production area by 400 sq. m.

2008 Extension of production area (Hall 4)

Extension of production area by 700 sq. m.